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Blue Line Knee support

  • Patented anatomical construction
  • Increased muscle control to reduce energy waste
  • Superior joint stability and safety
  • Fast warm-up and heat retention
  • Relief of knee pain and swelling
  • Advanced material technology for enhanced durability
  • IPF approved for competition
Blue Line Knee Support 7mm – for strong support.
This 7mm thick knee support offers powerful stabilization and support, allowing you to safely maximize your heavy lifting . The support is scientifically proven to be useful for prevention and indications such as strains, wear and tear injuries and soft tissue overload.
Built on a unique patent, the knee support secures a firm and anatomical fit during mobility. With a seamless back panel and anatomical construction, the support and mobility are optimized for heavy lifting. The support focuses the energy of the muscles around the knee area for controlled power and acceleration.
The Rehband Blue Line Knee Support is classified as a medical device. It combines the key benefits of strong stability, compression and warmth. Stability offers a mental and physical feeling of safety. Compression helps preventing injuries and increases your muscle memory of how to move correctly. Warmth protects the joints and soft tissues from injury.

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Neoprene 7 mm

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